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Data Recovery

We can help you recover Lost or Damaged Files/Photos, Deleted Files/Photos, Formatted Hard Drives, Damaged Partitions, using our State of the Art Data Recovery Software.

Whether your Data is on your Computer, an External Hard Drive, Camera Flash Card, USB Memory Stick or your Mobile Phone, there is still hope that we can recover your lost files/photos.


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Data Backup

It is essential to regularly backup your important Files, Documents, Emails and Photos. It is not a matter of IF your Computer will die but WHEN!

Backing up your Data is simply having multiple copies so that when your Computer/Device dies, you have another copy of your important Files/Photos.

There are several options and Media available:

Online Backup: Backs up your Data over the Internet to your Providers Server. This requires a FAST Broadband Internet connection, preferably ADSL 2+ or Cable.

Backup Software: Backs up to an External Hard Drive with Backup Files which usually means your Data cannot be "viewed" on another Computer but must be "Restored" to your Computer.

Copy and Paste: The Easiest and most Reliable! Copy and Paste your Data onto an External Hard Drive so you have multiple copies of your important stuff! You can then take your Hard Drive with you and view your data on any computer!

Hard Disk Drive: External Hard Drives are the easiest most reliable way to store your Important Backups! But ALL Hard Drives are prone to failure. DO NOT MOVE OR DROP YOUR HARD DRIVE WHILE IT IS IN OPERATION! Always have MULTIPLE copies of your important stuff!

CD/DVD: Cheap and Reliable for Long Term Storage, burn your important Files and Photos to Disk and put them safely away! Your photos are irreplaceable memories, back them up TODAY!

USB Memory Stick: Cheap and Fast! Memory Sticks, USB Drives, Flash Drives, Thumb drives are all Flash Memory. Fast and easy to use but are UNRELIABLE for storing important Data! These can fail at any time without warning! Especially if the user does not eject the device properly using Windows! If these fail the Data is usually unrecoverable! BE WARNED!

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