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Internet Security

Internet Threats: There are many different threats on the Internet; most are designed to make money off you. So if it sounds too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS!

FREE Anti-Virus Software: There are many FREE Anti-Virus Programs available, but they all offer only Basic Protection and should not be relied upon. These include:

NOTE: If you use Internet Banking, Pay Online by Credit Card or Enter ANY Personal Details or User Names and Passwords for Secure Services, you should be using a full Internet Security Program.

Internet Security Software: Any Good Internet Security Software should include Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-SPAM, Block Malicious Websites, Malicious Email and IM Links, and Optimised Firewall.

Some of the most popular include:

Updates and Subscriptions: Anti-Virus and Internet Security programs work by scanning new files and comparing each to their list of known Viruses and Threats. In order to be effective the software must continuously update their Virus Definition Database over the Internet, sometimes every day!

The Software Company provides this service on a yearly subscription basis. You MUST renew your subscription EVERY YEAR in order to continue to receive these updates, without these daily Virus Definition updates you are NOT PROTECTED!

Trend Micro Internet Security

We Use and Recommend Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security.
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