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Laptops vs Desktops

Laptops and Desktops are Computers that do exactly the same thing, except Laptops are smaller and mobile; hence they are slightly more expensive than a Desktop with the same specifications.

There are basically 3 types of Laptops

Acer NetbookNetbooks: These are low powered Computers with an Atom Processor. They are usually don't come with a CD Drive, USB only, and have a very small Keyboard and 10" Screen, and are hence Ultra portable. They are designed just to Surf the Internet, Email, and use General Office Applications (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, etc), and listen to Music and watch Videos. Ideal for Travelling.


Acer NotebookNotebooks: Generally From 14" to 17" Screens, these are the Common Laptops that you are probably familiar with. With an i3, i5 or even i7 Processor, a DVD Drive, Webcam and Microphone, these are great for general Business Use and as a Home Computer.



Acer Gaming NotebookPowerbooks: Are larger 17" to 19" Laptops that usually include a high powered Graphics Card (For Gaming), Full Sized Keyboard, and faster, larger Hard Drives. They basically replace a Desktop and are Semi Portable, you can carry then around but because of their size and weight you wouldn't want to go travelling with them!


Customers often ask: Which is the Best Brand?
My reply is: The one with the longest Warranty! Almost all Computer and Laptop components are manufactured in China, they all come out of the same factories and are assembled in different countries under different Brand Names. THEY ARE ALL BASICALLY THE SAME! Except for the Warranty!

For a Quote on New or Used Laptops Please Call Us Anytime!