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Maintaining your Computer

Maintaining your computer today is as simple as allowing Windows Updates and Anti-Virus Updates and turning your computer off every night. Gone are the days of Defragmenting your Hard Drive every month.

Computer Service and Cleanup: We can improve your computers performance by cleaning up old Files and Progams that clog up and slow down your computer.

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Upgrading your Computer

Upgrade your Computers MemoryUpgrading your Computer's Memory (RAM) is often the most effective way of improving your computers performance.

Windows XP requires at least 1GB of memory (RAM) to efficiently perform common tasks. However, if you only use your computer to surf the net and email, and do not have too many other programs installed, you may only need 512 MB. In this case, installing more memory (RAM) would make very little improvement in your computers performance.

Windows Vista/Windows 7 require at least 2GB of memory (RAM) to run efficiently.

Upgrade your StorageUpgrading Your Hard Drive rarely improves your computers performance, unless you need more storage. The exception is a Solid State Hard Drive which can dramatically speed up the loading of Applications (Programs), especially loading Windows on start-up. Your Start-up time could be cut from 5 minutes to 1 minute, or even less!


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