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New vs Used Computers

Used Computers are usually in very good condition and can be purchased from as low as $200.

However because the Aussie Dollar is so high at the moment, New Computers are very competitive and start from as low as $400. They also come with a 12 month warranty, which you won't get with a Used Computer (30 days warranty).

A New Computer also keeps you up with technology, whereas a Used Computer can often be obsolete within a year of so.

Windows Task Manager GraphIf you are considering a Used Computer DO NOT get anything less than a Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading. You can tell by Pressing "Ctrl + Alt + Del" keys at the same time, this will bring up the Windows Task Manager. Click on the "Performance" TAB, and you will see the CPU Usage Graph. If the Graph has 2 panes the CPU (Processor) has either Hyper-Threading or is a Dual Core Processor.

Also if you purchase a Used Computer, make sure the Seller reformats the Hard Drive and reinstalls Windows fresh and clean for you. Otherwise you could end up inheriting someone else's Viruses!

Customers often ask: Which is the Best Brand?
My reply is: The one with the longest Warranty! Almost all Computer and Laptop components are manufactured in China, they all come out of the same factories and are assembled in different countries under different Brand Names. THEY ARE ALL BASICALLY THE SAME! Except for the Warranty!

I build New Computers using Quality Parts with 3 years Warranty! I give 12 months Labour Warranty for any Repairs required for faulty Parts under Warranty! I will Pick Up your faulty Computer, Repair it and Drop it back to you, all for FREE under my 12 months Warranty!

For a Quote on New or Used Computers Please Call Us Anytime!