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Printer and Scanner Issues

Printers have come down so much in price over the last few years, you can pick up a quality Printer/Scanner/Copier for under $100, often it is not even worth repairing!

Some Common Printer Issues Include:

Cannot Communicate with Printer
Uninstall and Reinstall the Printer Driver using the CD that came with your Printer

Cannot Detect Printer/Scanner
Check the USB Cable is Plugged in properly. Remove it from the Computer and Plug it in again, you should get a "Ding Dong" every time. If not try another Cable and/or another USB Port on the Computer.

Prints with White Lines on the Page
The Print Heads require Cleaning. Simply go to your Printer from the Windows "Control Panel", Right Click on your Printer, Left Click on "Properties" ("Printer Properties" if Vista or Windows 7), Click on the "Maintenance" TAB, and Click on "Clean Print Heads". After Cleaning do a "Nozzle Check" to see if The Print Heads are clean. You may have to do the Print Head Clean several times before it's perfect.

Prints with Black Lines and or Smudges on the Page
This is usually caused by excess Ink. Try the Print Head Clean as per above. If that doesn't work try printing several blank pages (From Microsoft Word), or remove the Print Cartriges and see if there is Excess Ink, gently wipe down the Cartridge, being very careful with the electronic contacts.

Printer Ink Refills

Many people try to save money by refilling Printer Cartridges. Just be aware that the Print Technology today is in the INK not the Printer! You will definitely not get the same quality print with Ink Refills, especially PHOTOS. If you want quality Photo Prints always use Genuine Ink Cartridges.

If you are not concerned with quality I recommend refilling the Black Cartidge only, as that gets the most use! You may still get slight bleeding on the text, but does that really matter?

You should also be aware that many aftermarket Inks corrode the print heads, reducing quality over time. But with the price of a new Printer less than $100, does it really matter?

For Any Printer Issues Please Call Us Anytime